WWI Bertie Stories

There is considerable debate over Lord Bertie Lissie’s age, and whether or not he served in WWI. As in Spitfire Parade he is the same rank as Algy, my personal theory is that the two of them are the same age. In my own fantasy world Bertie was posted to 257 Squadron in France during World War I. Here you can read some of the exploits of a younger, un-monocled Bertie, and decide for yourself if they had any impact on his later flying career. 

Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Biggles series characters used in these works. These fan fictions were written for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered part of the official storyline.

Bertie's First Hun
Bertie Lissie has just been posted to 257 Squadron in France, and he’s more than ready to get his first crack at the Huns. But shooting down his first Hun may bring more consequences than he bargained for…

Bertie and the Paperchase
Bertie’s squadron has been detailed to do propaganda work, dropping leaflets over the German side of the lines. But now two Fokkers are attacking him, and his guns have jammed. Could this be the end of the road?

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