Non Canon Type (Longer Works)

Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Biggles series characters used in these works. These fan fictions were written for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered part of the official storyline.

Warning: Non canon type fan fiction works may contain severe time mix-ups and character deviations. 

Biggles Married (14 chapters)

Biggles married?! Could it be? Yes, the rumors are true. Biggles has in fact found the woman of his dreams, and they are looking forward to their honeymoon together. However, their plans are spoiled when a telephone call from Algy recalls Biggles to Air Police headquarters. Once again Biggles is out on a secret mission, but this time, something is different…

Biggles Married II (10 chapters)

Thought it was all over and you’d made it through and survived? You’re wrong. There’s more. Read more about Biggles and Jane (as well as Algy, Ginger and Bertie) in this sequel to Biggles Married.
Note: It is recommended that readers finish Biggles Married before reading Biggles Married II.

Biggles Married III (15 chapters)
No, it isn’t over yet. Biggles and Jane are spending the rest of their honeymoon in London, contemplating the future, while Ginger and Bertie are getting increasingly anxious at the state of Algy and Biggles’ friendship. 
Note: It is recommended that readers finish Biggles Married and Biggles Married II before reading Biggles Married III

Biggles and Son
Almost fifteen years after Biggles Married III, Biggles receives an unexpected visitor...

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