Non Canon Type (Short Stories)

Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Biggles series characters used in these works. These fan fictions were written for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered part of the official storyline. 

Warning: Non canon type fan fiction works may contain severe time mix-ups and character deviations. 

The Escort
What would life have been like for Biggles if Mark Way had gotten his pilot’s wings and been posted to 266? Here’s a little taste…

The Match
Shortly after WWI, Biggles and Algy are sent on a dangerous mission to play a friendly tennis match against German opponents, a match which they have to fight to lose if they wish to escape with their lives... 

Biggles Returns--What Should Have Happened To Biggles
An alternate history retelling of Biggles Fails to Return, where Algy went with Biggles to Monaco, and what happened when he did. 

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